Rajuk’s DAP City Map Details

It is often acknowledged that Dhaka is one of the cities with the highest population density on the planet. Additionally, it has a reputation for being the city with the second-worst living conditions in terms of hygiene. The environmental state is made much worse as a result of the centralizing influence that the capital has. The leader RAJUK comes out with the Dap Map of Dhaka city in order to enhance the circumstances that are mentioned and guarantee that people have a better living.

In this post, we will go over some of the features that DAP has to offer. Purchase an apartment in the DAP neighborhood before prices in current developments start to go up in order to safeguard both your financial future and your investment.

An Explanation of the DAP Map

In order to facilitate infrastructure development, spatial planning, and zoning over the whole of Dhaka city, RAJUK has implemented DAP. throughout addition to that, it is used throughout the city for the provision of utilities, civic amenities, and a variety of other purposes. Therefore, in order to construct a contemporary, picturesque, and livable megacity, the DAP plan often comprised the districts of Dhaka, Narayanganj, and Gazipur.

A Contextual Overview of the DAP Map

It was in the early 1990s that Dhaka became the pilot city for the city planning initiative known as DAP. The years 2016 through 2035 are included in the DAP’s current plan. The first plan will result in improved designs for the city, which will lead to Dhaka’s core business district being more efficient and organized.

Locations of the DAP’s Boundary Areas

Rajuk is responsible for the creation of a detailed document known as the Detail Area Plan (DAP), which delimits all of the regions inside Dhaka that are deemed to be part of the city limits. The region from the forest of Gazipur to the trading centers of Narayanganj, Saver, Old Dhaka, and Keraniganj are shown on the DAP map. It has a total landmass of around 1528 square kilometers. It will also cover any further territories that Dhaka may have annexed during the course of its history.

The goal of the DAP

The DAP map for decentralizing Dhaka city is being planned by Rajuk. The following are some of the goals of the DAP process:

  • in order to cultivate an atmosphere conducive to economic expansion throughout all of the development regions.
  • To make some regions more habitable and secure by installing planned drainage systems and flood prevention measures.
  • to develop the region using a methodical planning approach, which will include access roads, outdoor areas, community amenities, transit, commercial areas, streetscape, and a great deal of other elements.
  • To facilitate the expansion of cities, service centers must be made available.

The benefits of using DAP

On projects that have been given the go-ahead under the previous set of rules and regulations, the DAP regulations no longer apply. There is still an option accessible for those who are interested in locating a flat or apartment inside the DAP regions that is offered at a price that is affordable to them.
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Negative aspects of DAP

The new DAP laws will also bring a variety of negative effects, which will be felt by landowners, renters, and other affected parties. To be more specific –

  • There will be a cap placed on the number of apartments that may be built per acre for the landowners.
  • Because of the DAP guidelines, the amount of useable land is reduced by 20 to 40 percent, which results in a reduction in the total income that landowners get.
  • Because DAP scarcely allowed the real estate developers to operate on such sites, the real estate developers’ stake of the property was reduced.
  • The prospective renters in the DAP-covered regions would have a harder time finding affordable housing since the rent will go up.

The Effect of the DAP on the Real Estate Industry

The Detailed Area Plan, often known as the DAP, of Dhaka City results in an increase in property values in some regions. In addition, the areas allocated for residential plots would be 30–50% less than they were before. The plots that were originally authorized have had their size cut down to 9,000 square feet over five stories. In addition, the implementation of DAP in Dhaka results in a reduction of the floor area of about fifty percent.

Apartments in Dhaka Available at a Low Cost

On the other hand, Dhaka’s population is persistently and steadily growing on a daily basis. A rising number of people are looking for somewhere to call home. The expansion of the real estate market is being driven in large part by the rising demand for residential plots and apartment buildings. Alternately, the DAP plan of Dhaka city drives up the price of plots, which lowers the amount of money that may be spent by prospective investors.

The DAP masterplan is the next phase in planned expansion for Bangladesh in the next days, which will hopefully result in a better Bangladesh. Because Dhaka is the most congested and unhealthiest area to live in Bangladesh, the DAP throws up a whole new door of possibilities for the people of that city. Participating in this process will ensure the safety of your offspring in the years to come.

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